Faithful Schooling is a Home school Academy not so new to Southeast  Texas. 

Rhonda Sparks, owner/founder is a former public school math teacher who has made home school available to those who want it for their children, but simply cannot provide it for a variety of reasons. Starting in the dining room of her home in 2014, Rhonda began homeschooling her own children…and 8 other students who needed to be in a home school setting to flourish. And flourish they did.

Two years later, Rhonda and a staff of 12 certified teachers act as personal tutors to home school children in an environment that deliberately mimics the home school scenario. Creating the next best thing was the directive the Lord gave and Rhonda has followed it to provide an environment of learning that meets the need of each individual student at levels that include up through 10th grade currently. (11th & 12th to be added in next few years)

Faithful Schooling was born out of a desire to follow the Lord and teach children to trust Him with their lives, to think for themselves, and to understand that everyone is different and learns differently and that is a good thing.

Faithful Schooling provides a home school experience for your student where they will be taught by certified teachers in a relaxed yet challenging environment. There are no age-based limitations on what your child can learn in the Faithful Schooling environment, so if you are looking for something truly personalized for the individualized needs of your child, then we are more than likely what you are searching for. 

Are you interested in taking the next step in placing your child in a learning environment where they will thrive?

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