Core Classes are taught by CERTIFIED Teachers and Electives may be taught by Professionals, Community Members, Parents, or other qualified individuals. EACH individual is screened and prayerfully considered by Rhonda Sparks as to the ‘fit’ within the Faithful Schooling teaching model. Our school is not an ‘in the box’ cookie cutter experience and as such, each educator is hand chosen for their Tribe of students. We use a level system for all students, rather than a grade level for grouping and setting curriculum goals. This allows each child to progress at their own level and pace, and allows for the student and teacher to work together to close gaps in education. We have chosen the 12 Tribes of Israel to assign to our groups of students. Presently, we have 8 Tribes and designate areas for Elementary, Jr. High, and High School as Genesis, Exodus, Chronicles, and Tribulations.

This allows all our students to be part of ONE family and rather than divided by grades, and numbers, we all work together to achieve success. Students can, and have, leveled up during a school year based on their progression of their academic goals. Our goal is to have consistently small class size, 1:1 instruction, and room for growth.