Here are Faithful Schooling we  are an “out of the box” school setting. You won’t find ‘canned’ lesson plans, test driven curriculum, or 70% as the ‘passing goal’. We expect more from our students and pride ourselves on the unique approach taken to meet each student individually where they are in their own learning. We meet this goal by providing in ways from a comfortable learning environment, available flexible seating, low lighting, mood stimulating wall colors, and incorporation of essential oils, toxin free organic cleaning agents, salt rock lamps , and several options for learning to meet the many learning modalities our students may have or need. We BELIEVE if we provide the BEST environment for every student, then the student will rise to the occasion and give 100% everyday to meet the challenge. We spend time prayerfully engaging our students in daily talks of faith, believing in their abilities, and encouraging their belief in others as well. We are ONE family at Faithful Schooling and we hope you will prayerfully consider choosing us as your educational option for your child.