Our New Building is Ready!!

For those of you that don’t think miracles still happen….please drive to:
13050 Eastex Freeway Bmt.Tx

I post this to give GOD GLORY!
Financially I am not a rich person or come from a wealthy family. I’ve been a single mother for the past 10 years and a school teacher.
I did not have a milllion dollars for this building project or the credit to finance it.
This is all God!
He gave me the vision of this school and has now built me
A building because I have walked in obedience in doing what he has placed on me to do!
I have stumbled and fallen more than id like to admit, but everyday I continue to lean on him, to do my best and to learn and grow from my mistakes.

He told me, “Start a school”
Reluctantly and unequipped on my own, I started a school in my home three years ago.
The following year I rented a 2100 ft building as I grew and added a few teachers and a few more students.
As I continued to walk in faith and obedience in what God continued to lead me to do, he said,
“I will build you a school”

(Trust me! I didn’t know how the that was going to happen!)

Here it is! Complete!
We will offer
Pre-k(3) through 10th grade this year and add 11 & 12th in the next two years.

*Huge recognition to
Building contractor Henry LaBrie whom God placed on his heart to build this school for us. He is an honest, kind and generous Godly man I would refer you to work with on anything! He doesn’t do anything half way or let anything stop him of Gods will!
To Tammiey Youngblood Linscomb of Caldwell Bankers who genuinely does have her clients BEST interest at heart! Because she helps others, I know God will bless her! Tammiey works with Henry side by side and was over the design of the building and actually the one who brought this entire project together!

I am overwhelmed by what God can do through us if only WE allow him to!
Root yourself in HIS word and be OBEDIENT to ANYTHING he calls you to do! Even if you feel unequipped GOD will put everything and everyone in place if you do your part. HE will be FAITHFUL and HE will see you through to glorify HIS KINGDOM!

Welcome to

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