M-TH 7:35-4:00/* Friday School 8:30-11:30*                                   *students attend as needed*

The Faithful Schooling day begins as early as 7:40 and allows students to arrive and attend morning tutorials as needed. We have a snack bar offering light breakfast items the students may purchase if they choose. At 8:00 the official day begins with a short devotional, morning announcements, and then each Tribe moves to their first class of the day. We teach ‘bell to bell’ and with this in mind, our students receive direct instruction for each course with built in breaks as needed and during the day. Lunch for our Tribes varies but is between 11:30-12:30, depending on your student’s Tribe level. Three days a week, our student’s have the option to order from a menu we have arranged with local restaurant vendors . Currently, we have Novorosky Tuesdays, Chick Fil A Wednesdays, and Little Caesar Thursdays! The price per lunch is reasonable, and of course each child can always bring their own lunch daily. We have a snack bar available during the lunch/ breaks/ before and after school times for student’s to purchase snacks and drinks. We do not allow caffeinated beverages on campus .

We keep the parent informed during the day, and through the school year utilizing Class DOJO which is an app we use for discipline, communication, and engagement. We round out the day with our Chapel service at 3:20- 3:50 to send our students home with a full heart and the Word of Jesus.  We begin carpool pick up at 3:50 daily and send your student off with well wishes to enjoy their evening!

At this time, we don’t have official playground equipment, however on Tuesday and Thursday our students have time set aside for directed play with fresh air, sunshine, and good old fashioned games!  Our Higher Level Tribes may engage in age appropriate activities outdoors and have break time during the day as well. Weather permitting, we love to take our classrooms outside for learning as well.

We always supervise and engage our students in everything we do providing a learning lesson along the way. Technology is used in our classrooms and in our programming, however, all forms of research, writing, reading, and engagement is encouraged. We want our students engaged in learning, relaxed at the end of the day, and not spending hours doing work at home when families enjoy their time together. We utilize a variety of curriculum, methods, instructional techniques, and resources to educate your child holding to the standards of education. We make sure your child stays on track and will close gaps in their education, as well as reach ahead, at their own pace, to ensure success on every level. We teach English/ Language Arts/ , Mathematics, Science, History, Social Studies, Apologetics, ASL, Spanish, Bible, Success Skills, and offer a variety of electives as available such as Art and Music, and have several clubs such as Robotics, Production, Chess, and are adding more frequently. We have even been able to partner with a Home School Athletics group that several students play sports with competitively.  You can be assured, your child will receive a high quality education in a loving, faith filled environment.