Faithful Schooling has a firm foundation and belief in service to others, as well to building character in each student. Our school partners with many community grassroot organizations, individuals, and community efforts to increase your child’s awareness of the needs within the surrounding cities, towns, communities, and outlying areas. We also support international missions with 5 children through Compassion International and our students build a relationship with each child through letters, care packages, and prayers. Building awareness of others is a critical part in raising children to fulfill their duty in service to others. This school year we have been privileged to partner with the Matityahu Homeless Ministry , a grassroots organization in Beaumont that helps distribute breakfast and necessary items to specific homeless groups in the downtown area. We have also partnered with one of our own students, Jon Miller who helps generate donation of new shoes for the Buckner Project of Shoes for Orphan Souls. Faithful Schooling students were enthusiastic to participate in this project and help provide shoes for a bright future for so many! During Hurricane Harvey, Faithful Schooling students missed 2 weeks of school, bue were blessed to be able to serve individually with others to help feed, donate items, help clean up and muck out homes, and pray. Our new building stood firm in an ocean of water providing a place of hope for our students and teachers upon return, including those who had lost their own homes to the storm of the century. 

Faithful Schooling was began from a seed planted by God and fulfilled through prayer and supplication, a daily walk in obedience, and faithfully moving forward even when the future wasn’t clear. We provide the same spiritual growth experience for your student daily as we instil the importance of giving to others and caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  We pray daily with your child, for your family, and for the place our school will have in your family’s life.