“Faithful schooling has been an answer to our prayers. Our previous worries with schooling have been erased.  Our children’s education has been tailored to fit their specific learning needs and they have flourished because of it. We have two children that have very different ways of learning. Faithful has worked with each, encouraged them and gave them high expectations. As a result, my children have progressed more than we ever would have expected. I feel that they are happier and more confident in themselves than ever before. We love the Faithful family and it has been such a God send!”

Michelle and Andy Miller   



Faithful Schooling has been such a blessing to our family! The growth that my grandchildren have experienced in the last two years has been amazing!  As is typical of many families, each boy has different interests, strengths, and weaknesses.  Faithful Schooling is able to tailor the way each student is taught to meet their individual needs. Classes are small, so the teachers can give specific help to their students. Creativity and thinking outside of the box is encouraged.   My grandchildren have learned so much and have gained confidence in their abilities and in themselves.  In addition to all of that,  the children are taught how to live out their Christian faith in today’s world.  Come visit Faithful Schooling and experience a whole new way of learning. You will be glad you did!!


Kathleen Shipley and Family



It has been amazing to see all the great things Faithful Schooling has done for my son and the impact the teachers and staff have made on him. The changes have been such a blessing.  His interest in learning, his confidence, his grades, and even his social interactions have sky rocketed. Not only has Faithful Schooling increased his learning skills but has also reinforced Christian values that he will forever carry with him for the rest of his life. His father and I are so proud of him and we owe it all to Faithful Schooling and our wonderful God who has lead us there. We look forward to watching him continue to grow and succeed.

Phyllis and Travis Chase


My daughter failed at everything. School, making friends, even simple tasks were difficult for
By the time she was around four years old, I noticed something was “different” about Kaia. It
took my husband and I years of searching, looking for answers, until we finally found the right
doctor. That burden of the unknown was lifted once we discovered Kaia had Tourette’s
Syndrome. To this date, Kaia suffers from ADHD, OCD, depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts,
tics and severe learning disabilities.
School was a complete nightmare. She was unable to learn or retain information. Homework
was probably the worst part of our day and each night ended with hostility and tears. During
the day at school, Kaia was bullied constantly and had not one single friend. Kaia began
acting out in class and was always in trouble. Repeatedly, Kaia’s school day consisted of
failing grades, loneliness and rejection. Kaia became a very insecure little girl as she became
aware of all her failures. And no one could help her.
Life at home was even worse. Kaia’s behavior was so disruptive, the entire family suffered.
Our home became joyless. I doubted my parenting. I constantly worried Kaia would live an
unfulfilled life and I was doing nothing to help her. I couldn’t help her – I tried everything I knew
to do. I lived every moment with guilt.
I came to Faithful Schooling in 2017, not expecting much, but I had to keep trying for my
daughter. Kaia was so far behind. The teachers did an evaluation on Kaia and right away
picked up on her insecurity. “We have to break through her insecurity first”, they had said. With
the encouragement that Kaia CAN learn, the wall came crashing down! The teachers were
able to focus on Kaia’s learning style; they were able to spend one-on-one time with her! The
joy in her eyes when she passed her first test was such a beautiful moment, because for the
first time in her life, she was proud of herself. She is doing her homework all by herself for the
first time – no fighting, no crying! She is studying for tests all by herself for the first time! She
is succeeding! She has JOY!
Not only has there been such a drastic change in school, but we are a family for the first time. I
had absolutely no hope for my daughter. But thanks to God and to Faithful Schooling, I have
hope back.

Shanna Hawa and Family


We love Addie’s new school and are amazed at how well she has done. The small class size, laid back atmosphere, and caring teachers have really helped her blossom socially and academically. If your child’s current academic environment isn’t helping your child grow it is time to try something different. Let your child shadow at Faithful and see the difference

.    Lori Yates and Family



    My son has struggled with learning difficulties and when we where introduced to Faithful and Rhonda it was definitely a Godsend. I can’t say enough about this school. In one year they brought him up 3 math grade levels and he continues to succeed. The smaller class atmosphere is wonderful. The teachers are able to give one on one attention and help these students excel in learning. My son is now in 9th grade and feels more confident about his future and nothing can hold him back from succeeding. Send your child to shadow and I promise you it will be the change that they need to succeed. 

Ellen Baber 


My son started Faithful Schooling one year ago and I can’t believe all of the positive changes in that one short year! School used to be such a struggle for him- he would spend hours every night trying his hardest to understand and complete homework, but it never really “worked”. He was left falling behind and was very angry because of it. But because of the small class size, individually tailored education, one on one attention given to every student, Christian values taught in chapel every morning, strict “no bullying” policy, and “out of the box” learning techniques used, my child is now succeeding! He knows he is valued and loved, and that is something he never felt in any other school. He no longer fears being made fun of for not understanding. He no longer worries about kids being mean to him. He just gets to go to school and learn and have a really good time doing so! I am so thankful for this school, for Rhonda, and for God for bringing us here. Faithful Schooling has literally changed his life!

Laurie Jennings  


Professionally, I had been referring families to Faithful Schooling for about a year. I had met Rhonda and believed in her ‘out of the box’ educational style. Our family was just not in my view finder for this quite yet… until one day, I realized the answer to prayer was in front of me all the time. My husband and I decided that our children needed to thrive in more ways than academics, and meeting gaps in education was a primary focus, and we found much more at Faithful Schooling! Our kids have grown in character, ownership of their work, their study skills, their responsibilities, and their spirituality with the kind and compassionate Grace filled environment of Faithful Schooling! Everyday is a blessing to know that the kids are being ‘fed’ from the inside out and grown in all areas, daily. I was also blessed to spend time with the higher tribe levels in teaching a Success Skills class weekly and love watching the ah-ha moments we’ve had. We, as a family, are thrilled with our experience at Faithful Schooling and look forward to many more years!

The Kuehn Family 



This face is partly a result of the pure love and peace you  all at  Faithful Schooling  offer her throughout the week. I mean Bella loves y’all! It’s so evident every day and week how much she is fed emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. She is spreading those wings! 

Rachel Burke and Family