Welcome BACK!!! Faithful Schooling is IN SESSION

Dear Faithful Schooling Parents,

Wow! Here we are! A new school year at Faithful Schooling. The faculty and staff have been praying over you, your children, each other, and the new school year that is before us. We are very excited to announce that we will be using two new digital tools,Classroom and Planbook.com, with our students and you. Below you will find the information you need to access both of these tools! Please pray as we embark on this adventure. In the beginning, you should expect a few hiccups, but we will promptly address issues to enable us all to use these tools effectively.

Google Classroom

What is Classroom? Google Classroom is a digital platform that willallow some assignments to be completed on student IPads withminimal to no paper. Classroom can also be used for quizzes andtests.

How does my student gain access to Classroom? Your student’steachers will send an invitation to the gmail account that was setup at the book and uniform fair this summer.

What if you don’t remember the gmail account or password?Teachers have a list of all gmail accounts and passwords for allstudents.

Classroom should be checked daily for digital assignments.


What is Planbook.com? Planbook is a place where you will be able to view your student’s assignments daily.


As of course, ClassDojo will be used for communication with our parents daily with fun posts of your children in class, their behavior through the day, updates on any news or events, and you are able to communicate with your child’s teacher as well.

Also, this year, our students each have their own Faithful Schooling gmail account and this will be used in the above mentioned apps and programs to communicate and enrich the learning with your child.


Thank you for entrusting us with your TREASURE and we look forward to a beautiful, blessed, and enriching year!!!

Faithful Schooling