2019-2020 School Year

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Pre-k through 12th grade!

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If your child is struggling in their current education system, we provide an alternative education option for them. We recognize each child’s uniqueness, and we modify our teaching styles to meet your child’s learning style. We provide very specialized education experience for our students and their individual needs. We never lower our learning standards. We teach our students how to be successful at a higher standard. We challenge each one of our students to their fullest potential without making them feel overwhelmed. 

At Faithful Schooling Academy, we have a grade-less structured curriculum. Students correct all daily work and must score 90% in order to move past the objective. Therefore, they never fall behind and are kept accountable for everything they don’t master. All of our classes are small in size with 8-10 students per class. 

Our students are taught in a loving environment by certified teachers with full instruction. Most importantly, our students are taught in a Christ-centered environment and held accountable for their morals and behavior throughout the day. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying here at Faithful Schooling. Our students are taught to love one another and embrace differences. We are all God’s children, and none of us are perfect.

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